No matter how well prepared you are, managing a business is not an easy task. On a regular basis, one will face unplanned business challenges, however it does not mean that the business owner should burden him/herself with all the challenges that come up along the way. With a good structure in place including a good distribution of accounting and administration tasks, a business owner’s life could be made easier.

Why is administrative accounting important?

In general, administrative accounting deals with managing and tracking incomings and outgoings as well as dealing with internal operational accounting chores such as payroll and…

Throughout the years, the Maltese islands have become the ideal country to invest and set up a business in. The country’s laws do not impose any restrictions on the type and sectors of business activities that one decides to operate in. However, for gaming and financial sectors to start operating in Malta, they are required to apply for a license. In case of gaming operators, a license will be approved by the Malta Gaming Authority following a thorough application form and assessments that are conducted by the Authority.

When incorporating a company in Malta, one will be setting up a…

In Malta, there are over 100 regulations related to employment, work and occupational health and safety set by the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) and subsidiary laws.

These regulations work alongside with the EU Employment law framework and are in place to ensure a good working relationship between employers and employees to know their relevant rights and obligations.

When an employment contract is drafted, it ensures that employees have all their rights safeguarded. These include the right to work in a safe workplace, that at least the national minimum wage is paid, gender equality, vacation leave, and that no…

Establishing a business overseas is ideal for those who would like to move their business structure from a high-tax jurisdiction to a country where one is able to benefit from better corporate taxes and regulations.

Gibraltar, which is a British Overseas Territory located on Spain’s south coast is a stable jurisdiction that has political stability and a very good reputation associated with it, encouraging people to set up an offshore business in it. In fact, it has become a financial hub for tax and effective financial planning, and this led the country to have a thriving economy.

Like in most…

In this era, safeguarding your business has become of utmost importance. In this blog post today, we will tell you what you need to know about safeguarding your business.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark can consist of any signs, words, designs, letters, numerals, colours, shape of goods or of the packaging of goods, or sounds, provided that such signs can distinguish the goods or services of one undertaking from those of others.

What documents are required for a Trademark?

If the trademark is an image, a graphical representation is required along. Other documents may also be required when filing…

Throughout the course of anyone’s personal or business life, one will most likely encounter a situation which will require legal representation in order to be able to solve an issue or a situation that has arisen and must be addressed in a professional way.

There are two types of methods how a situation can be settled; either as a settlement between all the parties involved in the dispute outside of court, which is referred to as arbitration, or else either one of the opposing parties will take matters to a court of law to settle the case or enforce a…

Incorporating a company in Malta means that a business will be set up in a country within the European Union that offers an attractive tax system. This is highly beneficial for the UBO’s (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) of the company since the Maltese islands operate a full imputation system of taxation accompanied by a tax refund mechanism.

This means that although companies are taxed at a rate of 35%, they are entitled to claim tax credits which can potentially result in an effective tax rate between 0% to 10%, and in some cases, it can be even lower.

Together with the…

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a change in the workplaces, not about the way we work but from where we work. Unfortunately, the crisis forced a number of businesses to take tough decisions such as closing down for good or make some people redundant. Others sought other alternatives such as reducing costs by ending the rent agreements and having employees working from home. Those who unfortunately ended up without a job or had their workplace on lockdown for a number of months, had to find other solutions such as exploring the possibility of starting a business from home.

Although it is…

A legal opinion, most often referred to as an ‘opinion letter’ is a valuable document issued by a law firm expressing a legal analysis of a specific issue, matter, or transaction. This will protect the letter’s recipient by informing him/her of the legal effect resulting from the proposed transaction.

Since usually such letter is divided into different sections (background, assumptions, qualifications, and opinions), it will also identify legal risks and confirms that a party can participate in the transaction and be able to perform the obligations as outlined in the documents.

The purpose of such legal letter is that the…

Recruitment is not an easy task in today’s advanced world where individuals are constantly head-hunted and offered opportunities on social networks even if they have never been personally introduced to one another.

Many large companies set up Human Resources departments specifically to handle talent acquisition but smaller companies and start-ups might find it difficult to appoint an experienced individual to take care of recruitment process since such services will not be required as frequently as they are requested by larger sized companies who have high turnover rates.

Since our company, Fairwinds Management Limited holds a recruitment license (E.A. №152–2018), it…

Fairwinds Management Limited

Fairwinds Management Limited is made up of ambitious professionals operating in Malta having experience in corporate service, accounting, legal and tax advice.

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